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[VIDEO 0422] “Kevin, The Octopus” 5$/3Coins

Gavin has no idea that his pet, Kevin is watching his sex life and is obsessed with it. One day, Kevin decides to step out of the tank and do as he wants.


  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Position: 19 sex scene
  • Character: Gavin Reed (Detroit Become Human), Brad Vickers (Resident Evil Remake 3) Delrin Barris (Dragon Age Inquisition) Conrad (Man Of Medan) Markus (Detroit Become Human), Nicholai Zinoviev (Resident Evil Remake 3), Samuel Jordan (Resident Evil Resistance) and Octopus (Man Of Medan)
  • Video has audio and many camera views
  • Full HD resolution

Price:  5 USD or 3 Coins

Buy it on Gumroad

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