Continue from The Rescue 2 part A, the story is now focused on Piers’ mission which he has to get Samuel (as a lead scientist) to access to Wesker lab. To do so, he need to (be) penetrate through others crew member of the yacht. Can he make it? I don’t know, but I’m sure he will enjoy every moment of it.

  • Length: 14 minutes 11 seconds.
  • Positions: 14 positions.
  • Character: Piers Nivans (RE6), Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2), Arthur (Aquaman-Injustice 2), Samuel Jordan (RE Resistance), Nathan Drake (Uncharted), James Vega (Mass Effect), Carlos (RE3 remake), Dante (DMC3) .
  • Full HD resolution with sounds and various cameras.
  • Review Gif:

Price:  14 USD or 12 Coins
**You can settle payment (in USD only) to my PayPal: or contact me via email with your Patreon email information to redeem your Coins and I will send the reward to you ASAP**


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