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[VIDEO 0121] Minotaur

After ascending the throne of the island of Crete, Minos (Carlos) competed with his brothers as ruler. Minos prayed to the sea god Poseidon to send him a snow-white bull as a sign of the god’s favor. Minos was to sacrifice the bull to honor Poseidon, but owing to the bull’s beauty he decided instead to keep him and build a shrine to honor the bull. To punish Minos, Poseidon put on the cure to Minos’ seed so the next child he has with his wife Pasiphae will become a monstrous Minotaur. However, Pasiphae is not the one to receive Minos’ seed but her brother, Perses (Samuel)

+ Length: 12 minutes
+ Positions: 9 positions
+ Character: Carlos and Samuel from RE
+ Full HD resolution with sounds

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  1. This is my first time to buy a video. I have used Paypal to pay, but I don’t know how to download the video. What do I need to do?


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