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[PROJECT 1218] CHRISTMAS INTRUDER vol.1 (comic and short clip)

My first comic for this Christmas event. It’s about a thief try to break in Santa’s workshop to steal all gifts but things turn out not as his expectation.

PageJ fnal.png

Vol.1 has 13 story pages and some extra CG set pages.

The format in PDF.

*Not stop with comic, I also made Animation based on this vol.1 as well.

The animation this time I made is kind of special because it has 5 positions that I love most which can connect to each other and loop for 1m30s with sound.

Free Access at Derek’s Archive:

Mega link:

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  1. Hello !!, what a hot and beautiful video !! I congratulate you, no animated video, no comic or even a porn video of muscular men has excited me as much as this, I would love for you to make more videos and comics like this one, only with more handsome men and with different figures, or if not a video longer and another comic with this same snow man, only with a more handsome man and a bigger and thicker cock and that besides fucking he also eats his cock and semen; It would be the most perfect video and comic !!, additional: Instead of just sounding the doll; You would have given it a voice and that way the video would have been better and more exciting, suggestion for the next one, continue with these projects


  2. I watch this over and over again. Soooo fucking Hot!!! And the voice/ sound track is intense and turns you on!! Also the snow man is a perfect sucking machine for any man and cock size!!! Perfect.


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