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[VIDEO 0518] Super Target Chapter 1

“Super Target” is my personal project because it will not limit itself to a normal project (no poll, no position selection, no limit type such as human only). I will make it with the craziest fantasy I have ever dreamed of. Also, characters here will not be the same as their original identity in-game, it is like they live in another universe with their new life – so only their face remains.

Super Target: Chapter 1: “The Beginning”

Chris, an ex-Captain of the BSAA force, has just joined the Super Target organization – as known as an underground relic collector to help protect it from bad guys. His first mission is to retrieve the relic called “The Apple of Priapus”, which can control all man in the world, in a lost Egypt Tomb. Even though he was all repaired for this journey but hardly expected what was going up against him.


Video length: 10min11sec

Made by the SFM program

Video in FHD (1920×1080)

Free Access at Derek’s Archive:

Mega link:

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